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Here are listed some projects I have worked/am still working on.

Projects on GitHub

: Machine Learning Toolbox in R (MALTOR) contains a set of scripts and functions to import, analyse and present data using different machine learning algorithms in R. Its focus is the analysis of PET brain images, but it can also be used for other images and text.

bapps: Batch PET Preprocessing in SPM8

mktemplate: SPM8 batch script to make a custom normalization template.

Image of the Week project (2009-12)

Together with professor Viviane Parissoto I developed a site that shows each week a new image combined with a clinical case. The public has to choose the correct diagnosis from 4 options and is able able to learn more about the disease involved. Currently the students Marcos Guimarães and Marianna Amaral also work on the project. More info at

UFMG’s Telehealth League (2008-11)

I was technology coordinator of Litel for 3 years. My activities involved maintaining the league’s website, managing videoconferences and providing help with issues that involve technology.

Semiologia Pediátrica Virtual (2008-09)

Multimedia program made using Adobe AIR and Flash Video. Contains text and videos to teach 3rd year medical students about the pediatric physical examination. Coordinated by professors Maria Aparecida and Cristiane de Freitas.

The program has been made available as part of the book MARTINS, MA. Semiologia da Criança e do Adolescente. Belo Horizonte: MedBook, 2009. 608p. ISBN: 978-85-99977-48-4.

Article about the program published at Revista Docência do Ensino Superior, v. 1, n. 1 (2011):

Atlas Histologico Online (2006-07)

Online atlas for studying of histology. More info at